Why Use WordPress?

My 7 Top Reasons to use the #1 Platform for Websites.

1. It’s free to use

There are actually 2 ways to use WordPress; WordPress.org and WordPress.com. We recommend using WordPress.org, which requires a purchased domain and web hosting. If it’s just a hobby and you’re blogging for fun, go ahead and use WordPress.com, but if you’re starting a serious business you’ll need a professional domain name (mybusiness.com vs mybusiness.wordpress.com, which is what you will get if you use WordPress.com for free.) You can, however, pay for a domain name and a few extras on WordPress.com but by that time you may as well pay for professional hosting.

2. It works for any type of website

Yes, it began as a blogging platform and many still associate WordPress with blogging, but it’s so much more than that! WordPress powers over 60% of the web, from blogs to small businesses and restaurants, to large e-commerce websites. And blogging is still one of the great reasons for choosing WordPress because it does it so well!

3. It’s easy to learn

I’ve taught many people how to use WordPress over the years so I know you do NOT need to be a technical guru to learn it! Now, when I say learn, I don’t mean you’ll learn how to build an e-commerce site in a day, but you will learn how to navigate, add content and images, and even install plugins, in no time at all. If you’ve used a word processor (like Word or Google Docs) you’ll find learning WordPress even easier.

4. It’s easy to use

Once you’ve learned the basics, you’ll find it a breeze to add and change content, and even change the look with another theme. Adding plugins, users, and images is all so intuitive once you’ve learned how WordPress works.

5. It’s easy to customize

Because WordPress is so popular, there are so many wonderful, talented folks out there creating an endless number of themes and plugins for us to use to change the look – and functionality – of our websites quickly and easily. I do caution you to do your research first, and don’t just install a theme or plugin because they look or sound great! Have one or two you’re looking at and can’t decide? I’d be happy to help you, just shoot me a quick message.

6. It has SEO tools built-in

WordPress will automatically generate title tags and meta descriptions. There are additional tools and plugins to help you take this to the next level, and I do suggest you use one of them. A very popular, and easy to set up and use, one is Yoast SEO. No need for the premium version, but please do make sure you’ve connected it to your Google account.

7. It’s yours – you own it

One of my favorite reasons to use WordPress is that your website is actually yours. You can take it to another host and do whatever you like with it, well, whatever is possible with WordPress, that is, but that list is so very long so you’re probably good! 😉 Other website builders will keep you on their platform and if you decide you want to move, perhaps want more than they can offer? Well, you’ve got to start from scratch again because the website you built there is only good there. With WordPress, even if you decide to switch hosts, you just pick it up and move it to another one. Want to change how a WordPress site looks? Great! Change the theme, move things around, but all your content and images are still there for you to work with. All yours. Forever.

Have you been looking to get started on WordPress but keep stalling because you’re just not sure how to get started? I’d love to help and get you going in the right direction.

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