Get More Done in a Day Than Others Do in a Week

you set those goals for a reason

Here’s the easy system that will get you there – and further!

Stop following someone else's roadmap!

We all have different goals and different ways of getting there.
The Succeed with Ease Goal Planner was designed to help you
get clear on your goals and design the perfect roadmap
for you to reach them in small, manageable steps.

Tired of feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list?
Struggling to stay focused on your goals?

Introducing the


Are you tired of…

What Gillian has to say about the planner

Mindy’s Planner took away a lot of the stress and that nagging feeling that I wasn’t on top of my business basics. The Planner has improved my organizational systems, filing, goal setting and weekly to-dos. I love using the provided planners and organizing my week. It helps me feel on top of my work before I’ve even begun!

You set those goals for a reason so…

What if you could get off the hamster wheel and get more done in one day than most get done (read the “previous you”) in a week!?

Sound too good to be true? I thought so too.

I use to end my day thinking “What did I actually do today?” and most days the answer was so disappointing. I felt like a failure. I thought, many times, about going back to the 9-5.

Then I decided to take what I’d learned from my mentors, Jim Rohn, Jack Canfield, and Darren Hardy and take action to get to where I wanted to be, knew I could be!

One step at a time.

This planner will help you:

Now I’m not going to list a hundred fluffed up benefits here because it’s all that fluff in our lives that has gotten us absolutely nowhere! 

This planner will help you reach your goals. Less stress. Less overwhelm. More Calm. More Happiness. Period.

The complete Succeed with Ease Planner includes:

But wait… There’s more


Short, easy-to-digest videos showing each part of the planner and how you may use it to best serve you and your needs.


Myself and a community of others, to help you get the support that you need.


Greyscale version of the planner to print clearly without wasting precious ink.