How to Increase Traffic to Your Website with Keywords

Google changes its algorithms and makes it difficult for bloggers to stand out over their competition. Here are a few methods to ensure that your site is exactly where it should be through SEO optimization.

Analyze Your Current Content

The most effective way to comprehend the concept of a keyword is to take a closer look at your website and identify the kind of people you are trying to draw and what your ideal user is searching for. It is a good idea to go through your content on the site and organize them into lists.

Analyze Your Current Content

The idea is to establish diverse content buckets that the large portion of blog entries, as well as the content, can fit into.

Create Keyword Lists

After you have identified your buckets of content, you can examine them to find particular keywords. Search for terms and phrases you’d like to rank high for on the search engines.

Create Keyword Lists

This isn’t meant to be an end-all list of all terms you can search for. It is rather a good way to help you identify the ones that are obvious.

Use Both Short Tail and Long Tail Keywords

Certain Keywords are easier to get ranked than others. Short-tail keywords are search terms made up of 1-2 words, while long-tail keywords are typically 3-5 words in length. There are numerous tools on the internet that can aid you in determining two types of keywords. These are Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords), Keyword Tool, and many more.

Utilize Tools to Get a Good Spread

For a successful keyword spread, you need to use tools such as Keyhole, Buzzsumo, and others similar to them available on the internet. Keyhole is a tool that you can use to unravel the complicated and confusing process of tracking social media. Keyhole allows you to monitor and analyze the influencers, competitors, hashtags, etc. BuzzSumo allows you to build complete keyword lists to aid you in competing with your competition.

No matter how many times Google changes its algorithms, using these suggestions will help you stay in the lead of the pack and draw more traffic to your website.

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