How to Create Your Own QR Code

I’m sure you are seeing these things around more and more lately, and for good reason! It’s so easy for anyone to scan now, as almost everyone has a smartphone on them wherever they go. Just open up the camera app on either an iPhone or Android, hold it up to the QR code as if you were going to take its picture, and you’ll see a pop up at the top of your screen – tap that and you’ll be visiting the URL that the QR code has been programmed to send you.

I’ve been in a few restaurants lately that actually had a QR code on the table for you to scan to see the menu – and one of them even brought us to the app to order from the table.

A few ideas for using QR codes in your business:

  1. Direct Mail – send recipient to website
  2. Event Flyers – for online information about the event or to sign up
  3. Service Counters -menu or to pay for order
  4. Restaurant Tables – menu, order and pay from table
  5. Business cards – send to website, opt-in form, scheduler,…
  6. Rack card/Flyers at Events – more information, sign up, special promotions
  7. Any printed ad
  8. Food packaging – for nutrition information, direct ordering, preparation instructions,…
  9. I could keep going on all day, but you get the idea. Put the QR codes anywhere and use them for everything!

With so many uses for QR codes, it’s almost a necessary element of your business. Here’s how to create one, step by step, with a short instructional video to follow.

  1. Open a blank template in (I use a square template such as one for Instagram)
  2. Scroll down the side menu (left side in black bar) to the 3dots where it says “more” and click the dots
  3. An elements screen now shows and QR code will be one of the choices – click the image
  4. Now, type in the URL (or, preferably, copy/paste) from the web address you want people to visit, such as
  5. Click “Generate Code” and there you have it! Your very own custom QR code
  6. You can stretch it to fill the box a bit more if you like, then download it – there are many options; transparent PNG will be the most versatile
  7. Alternately, you can create the QR code directly on whatever you are creating in Canva, such as an event flyer, rack card, etc. 9see some ideas above)

*Tip: Get even more out of your QR codes by tracking them with a URL shortener such as or Rebrandly, as these will allow you to easily track the activity they are generating.

Now watch this quick video on how to create a custom QR code for your business:

Still thinking about what to use these for, or how to use them effectively? I’d love to brainstorm with you! Set up a free consultation with me here.

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