6 Tips for Conducting Engaging Podcast Interviews

An effective way to connect with your listeners and help make your podcast successful is to interview interesting individuals. Your listeners are likely to want to hear your opinions on specific topics, but hosting a variety of guests can give you diverse perspectives and provide an additional dimension to your podcast. The trick is in conducting the interviews the right way. Here are six tips to conduct engaging podcast interviews.

1. Choose the right guests

One of the most important aspects of engaging in interviews is deciding on the most suitable interviewees. It’s actually crucial that they not just be relevant to your topic and subject, but also be engaging to the audience. Make sure you are mindful of your target audience when you make your decisions on choosing your guests.

2. Do your research

Before hosting guests (or inviting them to join your podcast) ensure that you conduct your own study. Study any materials they have to offer or follow their social media accounts and gain a better understanding of who they are and how they relate to your theme for the podcast. The more informed you are about the topic, the more successful your podcast will be.

3. Plan your questions

It’s also worth spending some time planning the questions you’re going to ask the guest. Think about the most important questions, as well as subsequent questions that are probing, followed by follow-up questions. Make sure to prevent the conversation from becoming too rigid. Have some kind of plan that will help direct the conversation.

4. Always be welcoming

From the moment guests step into your studio for podcasting, it is important to make sure they feel comfortable. This is the most effective method of ensuring a top-quality conversation. A person who is anxious isn’t likely to find themselves in a good mood in which they’re ready to share their thoughts and have an interesting conversation. Greet them, get them drinks, and engage in small chats prior to the interview to help put the guest at peace. If you’re conducting the interview remotely be sure to check in with the guest prior to beginning the interview by either phone or video conferencing, such as Zoom.

5. Have some control over the conversation

Although you would like your conversation to remain fluid, you must be able to control it in order to efficiently manage time and gather the information you require. You can let the guest speak, but keep the conversation in check whenever you have to.

6. Be an active listener

No one enjoys listening to an interview where the host is constantly interrupting or talking over their guests. Make sure you are a good listener and truly listen to the words of the guest. It will result in an interview that is of a higher quality.

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