5 Steps to Grow your Email List Using Social Media

Social media is now a standard in our lives both professionally and personally. Businesses are using all of the various social platforms to reach, and engage new audiences. It is also a great way to build your email database to help you create effective marketing campaigns via email. Using a comprehensive marketing strategy that is based on a variety of channels has shown to be the most effective over the long run. If you’re looking for ways to expand your email lists using social media, you should consider the steps below.

1. Share resources

Social media platforms offer a simple method of distributing information to your customers. It’s crucial to maximize the benefit of the exposure you receive by providing useful content that can engage and educate your customers.

Social media accounts provide an easy way to get information to the consumers

Find useful sources that enable you to establish yourself as an expert in the field, yet offer free benefits for consumers. Although it may appear as you’re giving away content in exchange for free content, sharing it can help establish your credibility on the market and boost customer loyalty to your brand.

2. Offer a promotion

Are you looking for ways to encourage people to join the email newsletter? Consider a sign-up promo. Perhaps new customers receive 10% off the first purchase, or even a 10% discount. In any case, a promotion is a great incentive to entice people to send you their email addresses.

3. Hold a competition on social media

Facebook and Twitter are excellent for generating brand awareness. Consider holding a contest where prizes could include a free item or service, or a discount on one of your offerings.

Try holding a competition where the prize might be a giveaway or voucher to your store.

Take people to a website that requires each participant to provide an email address for their entry to be considered valid. Many people will submit their email addresses to be eligible to win a prize, and you’ll be able to grow your list quickly.

4. Use paid ads

Paid ads, like Facebook ads, can work as a lead magnet. This means you pay for ads that will direct traffic towards your site and have people sign up for a particular reason.

Facebook ads can work as a lead magnet

Perhaps it’s an offer of an unrestricted resource or more details. Whatever it is the people will enter their email addresses to find out more information or gain access to the offer. They can become part of your email list!

5. Host a webinar

Lead with value. A webinar is a simple method of doing this, drawing people’s attention to your intended audience and inducing participants to search for further details. When people sign up for the webinar, you are able to add their email addresses to your list.

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