4 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site that Aren’t SEO

Although SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a valid strategy to increase visitors to your website, it’s not the only solution when it comes to content marketing. As an increasing number of people shift towards content marketing it’s become more difficult to shine a light on your business. Although Google or SEO can bring a huge amount of traffic to your site, it might not be the most efficient method of doing so. Here are five alternatives to increase visitors to your website that aren’t focused on SEO.

1. Utilize Email

In terms of your marketing plan, it is important to never ignore email marketing because it’s still one of the top sources of traffic you can acquire. Your email marketing campaign must be constantly acquiring people to join your list, and also sending out the new content you release.

You never want to forget Email Marketing

Your subscribers to your email are more likely to share the news about your content and post the content via their social media accounts.

2. Comment on Blogs

Commenting on blogs does not necessarily mean randomly publishing links to your site on the comment section of other web pages, rather making relevant and useful comments on the blogs that you are commenting on.

It works best if you comment on blogs from your niche.

It is most effective to post comments on blogs in your field because they have a large following that is comparable to the audience you want to reach. To increase traffic to your site it is important to provide the reader with value in your comment and provide additional information or offer a fresh perspective.

3. Guest Post

Guest blogging is a fantastic method of driving traffic to your site. It is possible to direct visitors directly to a relevant article on your site by including a link in the guest blog. Another option is to include a link to your website or landing page inside the bio of your guest author profile. Similar to comments on blogs it is important to pick blogs for guest posts that are connected to your area of expertise.

4. Re-share Older Posts on Social Media

If you only share your content via social networks only once, you’re not taking advantage of a great opportunity to bring more visitors to your website. The fact that you only post content once implies that only a small portion of your users are viewing your posts.

Only posting content once means that only a fraction of your audience sees your updates.

If you re-post your content, you can increase the number of people that you bring to your post via social media.

There are many ways to get more visitors to your site. Explore different strategies and keep track of the results to determine which strategies work best.

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